Peace of Mind

Many families who have undergone the emotional strain of making cemetery arrangements at the time of a death now understand the importance of pre-arranging. Pre-arranging allows each family to per-select and to pre-pay for your cemetery needs, at today’s cost. Doing so lifts the burden from their loved ones at the time of a death.

Additionally, you have the PEACE OF MIND of knowing that all your wishes will be fulfilled because you have the foresight to eliminate this problem ahead of time. No longer will you have to worry about a loved one wondering if they did the right thing. You will never have to worry about the financial burden on the family because you have stopped inflation and it will be paid in full at the time it is needed.

Most importantly, you will have the PEACE OF MIND of knowing that you have faced this decision in the same mature, responsible and loving way that you have faced all your other decisions in life, and that is together.

Benefits of Pre-Arranging your Cemetery Needs


Another important advantage of our Pre-Planning Program is that we help you discover significant SAVINGS. The money you save on cemetery arrangements can go a long way to giving your loved ones a better life.

Price Gaurantee

The big savings are not these initial savings but come ten, twenty or thirty years down the road, it’s huge. For we have not only fulfilled an obligation to our family, but we have a PRICE GUARANTEE. We never have to worry what the cost of your cemetery selections will be in the years to come because you have taken care of it at today’s reduced investment.

Can Qualify for Exemption from MEDICAID / SSI

Pre-paid cemetery arrangements are not considered an asset. If your health was to fail you and you had to go into a nursing home and have to apply for Medicaid, you will not be required to cash this in. It must be used for your funeral. So no matter what happens to you mentally, physically or financially, this cannot be taken away.

Child & Grandchild Protection

What would you do if you lost a child/grandchild? The loss of a child/grandchild is one of the most tragic experiences that anyone can have. We all expect our children to grow up and get married and have a happy and fruitful life. Unfortunately, on any given day, we can read in the headlines across this country about parents/grandparents just like you who have lost a child/grandchild. It is for these situations that we provide this special protection. If you were to lose a child/grandchild between the ages of 0 to 21, we will provide to you for the use of your child/grandchild, at no cost, item for item of all your cemetery merchandise. This would include, but not limited to, Grave Spaces, Mausoleum Crypts, Lawn Crypts, Niches, and Bronze Memorials. Even your CASKETS and VAULTS, assuming that they are purchased thru the cemetery. All you will be responsible for are the opening and closing of the grave.

You must have a certificate that is issued by the cemetery that lists the names of all you children/grandchildren to qualify. So if you own property with us now and you do not have this certificate, please contact the office at your earliest convenience.

Common Disaster Program

With our COMMON DISASTER PROGRAM, we will have in our files a list of people who can be contacted in the event of an emergency. You will receive a LIFE CARD. On the front is your name and address along with our name and a number that should be called in an emergency. When we receive the call, we will report to the doctor, paramedics, police or whoever the proper authority would be, the names and phone numbers of your emergency contacts. This will give them quick access to needed information and authorization.

What are your Payment Options for Cemetery Pre-Arrangements?

Terms to Suit your Budget

At the time of death, there are no terms other than cash and that could be a real hardship for the family. Thru our pre-arrangement plan here at the cemetery, it is paid for in easy monthly investments, out of current income with very little sacrifice on the part of your family. Payments can be as low as $25.00 per month with no credit checks and no down payments. Simply roll right into your monthly payments and have to confidence of knowing that you are the one taking control of the situation and not the situation taking control of you.   

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